Welcome to Columbia’s Farmers Market!

Columbia Farmers’ Fresh Market takes full advantage of surrounding farms and features vendors selling honey, jams, eggs, baked goods cut flowers, locally raised meats, and of course, lots of local produce sold directly by the farmer.

We also have several artisans that produce hand-crafted items such as soaps, jewelry, wood craft, balms, salves, and skin care

We are a family friendly environment where you can come meet your local farmers and artisans.

Columbia Farmers’ Fresh Market


  • Our website is finally live! Check on your phone or desktop!
  • Don’t miss out, we expect fresh vegetables right off the vine; tomatoes, squash, carrots, zucchini. We have fresh home made pies, and cinnamon rolls.  We have handcrafted wood bowls and soaps to wash up with.  So plan that family meal and we will have your fresh harvest ready for ya.
  • Our beekeepers think honey will be ready as early as mid June. Keep checking with us; the bees are busy and they run the show and pick the harvest date, not us. We will let you know soon!