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A Stitch In Time

Come see Gail at the market.  Her booth is filled with beautiful and unique handcrafted fabric items.  She has plenty of masks, purses, and other hand sewn items that would make a lovely gift, to yourself or another. You can find her at market on Saturdays, May-October.

Circle L Farm

Caleb Lovett of Circle L Farms knows honey and grew up working at Columbia Farmers Fresh Market.  Trained by honey veteran and retired CFFM vendor Don Lockhart, Caleb now tends his own hives and offers Aunt Henny’s Honey – a family specialty that is certain to satisfy.  In addition to jars of honey, the ever popular honey sticks are available and seem to please the children. Saturdays, May-October.

Harris Family Farm

Harris Family Farm is a longstanding, multi-generational farming venture in Culleoka, TN.  Clyde Harris, his children and grandchildren, have been CFFM vendors for over 25 years.  Harris Family Farm offers vegetables, fruits and melons that are certain to delight new and returning customers. You can find this booth on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8- noon from June-October.

Highland Realm

Highland Realm is a blueberry farm in Hampshire TN established by Dr. Deanna Naddy.  It is set on 200 beautiful acres of open fields and woodlands preserved in perpetuity through a conservation easement with the Tennessee Land Trust.  The berries are available in June and July, along with her preserves and the farm is also a u-pick operation.  The berries are grown using organic methods that nurture the soil.


Liberty Trace Farm

Meet Mikki and Kevin Krause of Liberty Trace Farm in Hampshire, TN.  They raise pastured beef, pork, chicken, turkey and eggs.  All animals raised on pasture and/or in woods.  Non-GMO feed for pork, chicken, turkey, and eggs.  Beef 100% grass-fed.  No herbicides/pesticides, no antibiotics, no added hormones.  Find them at the market Saturdays, May-Oct.


Katydid Fresh Flowers

Katydid Flowers is provides sweet, seasonal, local flowers arranged in various vases.  The flowers are grown at Little Falls Farm,  located in Columbia, TN, just minutes from downtown. Owners Ted and Kathryn Trainor are growing blackberries, blueberries, flowers, herbs, and more!


Our Farm On Mount Olivet

Larry Heidkamp’s is the farmer behind Our Farm On Mount Olivet.  His farm is right here in Columbia, TN.  Larry uses natural techniques to grow restaurant-quality, flavorful, nourishing lettuces, greens, root crops and summer vegetables year around.  No artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used. His passion is plants and gardening. After many years of gardening and selling landscape plants, he became a full-time market gardener in 2017 and is a staple at the Saturday morning markets from May-October.  He also offers delivery in the Columbia area.


Pantall Family Farm

Jim and wife Linda Pantall, along with son Chad, have been involved with our market for over 17 years and always deliver the finest of nature’s bounty. Tomatoes are their specialty, including the heirloom varieties.  In addition, you can find them offering strawberries, squash, cucumbers, cantaloupe, peaches, turnip greens, green beans, watermelons and other seasonal goodies.  You can find the Pantalls at market on Saturdays, as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays, June-October.


Pig & Leaf

Pig & Leaf is a family farm run by Cliff Davis & Jennifer Albanese.  They specialize in woodland raised heritage pork, Certified Naturally Grown vegetables and microgreens, flower bouquets, elderberry syrup, plants & succulents.  Their farm is ecologically designed, with solar energy, natural building, regenerative practices, low/no till cultivation, agroforestry, rainwater catchment & absolutely no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or GMO’s. They offer a vegetable CSA, flower CSA, Free Choice CSA, pork subscriptions and take pre-orders on their store site.  Jennifer also creates holiday season wreaths and indoor flower bulb gardens. Their booth is 0pen Saturdays, May-October.


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Prevail Bakehouse

Erik and Maria Burstiner own & operate Prevail Bakehouse, a micro bakery that uses old world techniques to reestablish bread in the community. Prevail uses only organic, stone milled, whole grain flour, sourced from Lindley Mills in North Carolina. Each loaf is thoughtfully fermented and leavened by captured wild yeast. This slow fermentation allows time for the breakdown of the flour to be more digestible and more nutritionally available. This process also creates amazing and unique flavors and extends the shelf life of the bread naturally.  Everything is baked in our wood-fired oven. Every Saturday, May through October.

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Southern Ridge Farm

Southern Ridge Farm offers one of Tennessee’s most popular monthly meat delivery program consisting of all natural, grass fed beef, pork & chicken that they raise on their farm in Columbia.  At the market, they sell all cuts of beef, pork, and chicken as well as sustainably caught seafood, including wild Alaska salmon and seafood, Alabama gulf shrimp, and Appalachians rainbow trout.  Southern Ridge Farm operates a 180 acre grass-fed meat farm, located in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee south of Nashville in the Spring Hill, TN area.  You can find them at market on Saturdays, May-October.

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Sweetwater Jam

Sweetwater Jam is all things jams and jellies and pickled products, not to mention fresh fruit and veggies. Cheri and Eole Couteaud, make homemade, farm fresh products! They take in season fruit and vegetables, grown fresh at their local Tennessee farm, and make their delicious jams, jellies, pickled produces, sauces, and vinegars, which can be found every Saturday morning, May-Oct., at market.


The Bread Shed

The Bread Shed is a local private bakery that specializes in pies, cinnamon rolls and yeast rolls. Find Kieth, otherwise known as “The Pie Man” at every Saturday market. Kieth hand bakes each item. Pie varieties include, pecan , chess , fudge, apple and more.


The Farm & Fiddle

Join The Farm & Fiddle Farmily!  Farmers Daniel, Samantha, and Joe Hickory Foulks provide bountiful vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries and duck eggs from their holistic farm, located in Santa Fe/Fly area.  Their goal is to maintain a happy farm with a thriving sustainable garden & well respected animals.  They concentrate on French & Italian Heirloom vegetables. They also make artisan bundles of brass cut pasta.  They offer a full basket CSA as well as a punch card CSA.  Find them at market, May-October on Saturdays.


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Yanahli Brand

Yanahli Brand is dedicated to providing “Earth made soaps.”  All of their ingredients are derived from plant based materials.  They have a wonderful array of soaps, lotions, lip balms, shave soap and 100% pure essential oils.  With so many different scents to choose from, it will be hard to leave with just one. Visit their booth on Saturdays, May-October.

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