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Carrot bundle

Carrots have a slightly bitter taste, but they are incredibly good for our health. You can add them to soups, salads, pesto, … These leaves are full of chlorophyll, which works well in …

2,99 $

BIO Lemons

Lemons are a popular flavoring for both sweet and savory dishes, and a valuable source of vitamin C. The advantage of our organic lemons is that you can use the peel without fear and you don’t have to.. 

0,83 $

BIO Oranges

Juicy and sweet variety. The advantage of organic oranges is that you can use the peel without worry and you don’t have to worry about any wax or other chemicals. You will see the difference…

1,05 $

BIO Grapefruit red

Grapefruit is a fruit whose taste is slightly based on the opposite – both sweet and bitter – but still in a perfectly tuned ratio. If you like grapefruit, you are on a great path to strong immunity, fresh 

1,17 $

BIO Avocado

If you care about a healthy and varied diet, avocado is definitely not missing from your diet. A black avocado is characterized by ripeness and is ready to be handed over to you immediately whole. If you haven’t found your way..

2,39 $

BIO red apples GALA

We bring you these exceptional Slovak organic potatoes, which were honestly grown under the Tatras, in a natural ecosystem, in harmony with nature and without artificial fertilizers. In addition, the farm is carefully …


BIO Combined box 5 kg

The composition of the box is about 50% fruit and 50% vegetables. The box has different contents every week. We put together a beautiful combination of local fruits and vegetables for you. The composition varies ..

18,90 $

BIO Fruit box 5 kg

The box has different contents every week. Here you will find local seasonal fruits (such as apples, pears, apricots) and the best pieces of exotic fruits (bananas, pineapples, pomelo, mangoes, lemons). Composition is ..

18,90 $

BIO Vegetable box 5 kg

The box has different contents every week. Here you can find e.g. carrots, celery, parsley, potatoes, but for example cauliflower or broccoli. Then in season we choose the best green leafy vegetable….

18,90 $


A banana in a purse or school backpack often means saving from hunger and a quick replenishment of energy. However, there are more situations when an ordinary banana can “save”..

0,50 $


Kiwi fruit, it’s a brown hairy skin, oval shape the size of an egg and green pulp inside with tiny black seeds. If you stick to the idea that what is green (when ripe) is healthy, the same applies to kiwis…

0,70 $

Raspberries 125 g tub

Raspberries are a tiny fruit that, with its unique color and unmistakable taste and smell, represents the absolute highlight of summer among small fruits, but with us you can experience it in…

3,39 $

Currants 125 g tub

Currants are small red berries on a thin bunch, which are literally packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals. The high content of vitamin C in this refreshing delicacy..

6,39 $

Hokkaido pumpkin

Hokkaido pumpkin is a particularly popular pumpkin mainly because of its wonderful creamy taste, attractive color and the possibility of quick..

5,29 $

Sweet peas - pod 250 g

The sugar pea pod already indicates its delicious, sweet taste. That’s why it’s a great relief as a side dish to spicier dishes, as well as a delicate delicacy in light…

3,99 $

Brussels sprouts 500 g

They say you either love Brussels sprouts or you hate them. Not everyone will appreciate its specific taste. Our grandmothers considered it a real treasure..

2,24 $

Ice salad KS

Ice salad is one of the most widespread and very popular, as it brings under the teeth, as the name implies, as if ice refreshment. Crunchy, juicy, …

2,49 $


Passionfruit, or maracuja, should not be missing from your diet if you like the flavors of exotic fruits. The sour, refreshing taste…

1,19 $

Shi mei white mushrooms 150 g

Shimei mushrooms are a great choice if you are going to create a bit more creative, more impressive dishes in the kitchen, because…

4,09 $

Rucola 100 g tub KS

Arugula leaves are strikingly reminiscent of dandelions in their shape. Both are extremely beneficial for health. If you like to enjoy arugula…

2,59 $

Carrot yellow

Yellow carrots, like orange or purple carrots, retain all their valuable nutrients, while offering an interesting option to diversify the plate. The structure is a bit softer..

0,78 $

Black/purple carrot

Purple carrots combine the attractive appearance and well-known taste of carrots. Even though the purple carrot, also called black, seems like some kind of refined novelty..

0,66 $


Limes are small green fruits of the lemon tree species, which are well known to lovers of refreshing summer drinks, but also to those who enjoy Asian, Indian or South American…

0,59 $


Eggplant is a fruit vegetable that many of us associate especially with summer barbecues, but we should enjoy its availability and enjoy it all year round..

1,72 $

It's very clean and has alot to pick from. Pig and leaf have great salad lettuce. I also got Honey from one of the vendors. ( Cranford hollow) ❤️ The best Honey!! Missed them this week.
Leslie Perry
Columbia Farmers Market

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